Solutions for Biotech Startup IT Problems – Part 1

Solutions for Biotech Startup IT Problems – Part 1

A biotech startup faces steep challenges when it first launches. In order to scale, the company will first need to build a solid IT infrastructure that will meet both technical and business requirements while future proofing the venture. The following will discuss four IT problems common for biotech startups and the solutions that can address them.

1) Insufficient IT Infrastructure

As biotech startups dedicate the great majority of their resources to advanced lab systems, clinical trials, and R&D, their IT infrastructure and systems sometimes receive a lower priority.

As a biotech startup begins rapidly scaling, it will require a strong infrastructure to cope with its escalating IT needs. There will be a need for the integration of systems and processes, management of device and applications, along with round-the-clock IT support.

Problem: What must be done to create an IT infrastructure capable of supporting a startup’s growth?

Solution: Managed IT Services

Each biotech startup will have its own technical and business requirements. Mismanaging the installation of your company’s IT systems can lead to the waste of investment funding. A managed IT services company experienced in biotech will understand your venture’s needs and create a scalable and flexible IT infrastructure that supports growth.

2) Inadequate Storage Capacity

A small biotech startup can generate thousands of gigabytes in data while performing clinical trials, high-resolution imaging, and high-throughput screening. All of the resulting crucial and sensitive data will require secure storage. However, the largest computers and external hard drives will not have enough storage capacity.

Problem: How will tremendous amounts of biotech data be stored?

Solution: Cloud-Based Storage System

Biotech companies are increasingly adopting a Local Storage + Cloud Storage strategy. Doing so allows long–term retention of data and almost limitless storage capacity. In addition, your biotech startup will have high-speed access to recent data, remote access, automated backup, and ease of scalability. A managed services provider can create a customized cloud storage system that will meet your startup’s requirements.

Part 2 will discuss Compliance and Data Security.

Alpha Engineering and Biotech

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