The New Technologies Transforming Networking – Part 1

The New Technologies Transforming Networking – Part 1

A handful of new technologies are now emerging that will transform how you and your organization network. As discussed below, they will provide ways that will help make your business more efficient and effective. Work with an experienced and expert MSP (Managed Services Provider) for their implementation to get the best results.


Beginning in 2019, carriers will deploy 5G installations capable of serving a limited number of devices. The technology will then provide smartphones greater speeds and longer battery lives in the following years. Subsequently, fixed wireless for homes will gain traction, taking market share from wired broadband in some areas.
For businesses, 5G fixed wireless will provide a handy alternative as a WAN connection capable of bringing branch offices online. Its projected high speed and low latency will make 5G a worthy competitor of wired connections.
5G’s capabilities will also provide new opportunities for several applications. For example, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors can stay powered on batteries for several years by using time-slicing technology that saves energy. Via 5G’s extended wireless spectrum, Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) capability will let companies have their own private corporate local-area networks.

Digitized Spaces

Upgraded geolocation technology in mobile devices as well as data mining will allow a greater understanding of the movements of people and objects within spaces. Companies employing both can gather data from the people using their facilities, and they can find ways that may increase efficiency and improve business practices.
Industries that can benefit include education, hospitality, medical, and retail. Organizations will be able to learn much more about when, how, and which of their spaces are being used by students, guests, patients, and customers. The data will also let them determine the preferences of a specific demographic group.
Analytics engines powered by high-resolution geolocation data will be able to aid security staff by spotting potentially criminal activity on their premises. The data gathered from a mobile device’s locations can identify suspicious patterns that should be investigated.
Part 2 will discuss Machine Learning, SD-WAN, and Wi-Fi 6.
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