When Your Company Requires an Infrastructure Upgrade – Part 1

When Your Company Requires an Infrastructure Upgrade – Part 1

When your existing IT infrastructure is fully functional and there seems to be no significant issues with your network, PCs, and security systems, it does not mean that your company is working at peak efficiency or the system is secure. IT weaknesses will eventually result in losing time and money. This article will discuss when your company will require infrastructure upgrades.

Reasons for Upgrades

When team members are reluctant to upgrade the IT infrastructure of your company, that’s natural when everything appears to be working fine. Upgrades cost money and cause inconveniences by interrupting the workflow of your business. However, retaining outdated networks, operating systems, and computers may mean declining to benefit from up-to-date, faster, and more efficient equipment with greater security. In addition, IT staff will be expending more time and effort on addressing problems rather than spending time on tasks that improves the bottom line of your business.

Upgrade Signs

Below is a list of signs that may indicate your company may require infrastructure upgrades. Consult with an IT expert before moving forward for the best results.

• Breaches of security
• Inadequate bandwidth
• Outdated software that is no longer supported with updates and patches
• Slow running PCs requiring fixes more frequently due to crashes
• Programs taking longer to execute than previously
• Rising bills from old hardware using more electricity and generating more heat
• Several programs being utilized for basic tasks
• Storage space declining fast
• Variety of equipment from various manufacturers being used

Part 2 will discuss the advantages of infrastructure upgrades for your company.

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