Why You Need a Plan for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Why You Need a Plan for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Both the loss of data and the disaster that caused it can be extremely expensive and disruptive. In even minor cases where less than 100 files are lost, there still may be serious business costs. This article will discuss three reasons why you should prepare for the inevitable event resulting in data loss. Work with an experienced and knowledgeable managed IT services provider to create your company’s plan for backup and disaster recovery (DR).

Various Threats

For many businesses, data is its most valuable asset. Unprotected, data can be quite vulnerable to events that result in theft and loss. These can include faulty equipment, cyber attacks, human error, and natural disasters. Should any occur, having a backup and DR plan will help mitigate the economic damage that would occur to your business.

Security Failure

Sometimes the most robust security measures will fail, allowing malware to infiltrate and cause great harm. An example is ransomware, which threatens to publish a victim’s data or block access to it until ransom is paid. Unfortunately, payment to the responsible cybercriminals will not ensure the restoration of data. Paying ransom also encourages cybercriminals to carry out future attacks. A better option is a backup and DR plan that secures your business data in the cloud, where it can be recovered when needed.

Loss Mitigation

Businesses heavily dependent on data will experience a severe setback if that data is compromised or lost without a backup and DR plan. In cases where there was no backup, recovering data from existing storage will be very expensive. Even if backup exists, reconstituting and restoring the IT system will take much longer without planning and preparation. This means costly downtime and lost business because employees are not productive.
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