2019 Trends for the Cloud – Part 2

2019 Trends for the Cloud – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, cloud architecture has greatly evolved since associated services were offered a decade ago. Part 2 will discuss Data Containers, Greater Capacity, Hybrid Cloud, IoE, and Serverless Computing.

Data Containers

Data containers will grow in usage for data transfers because they are becoming easier to use. They are a solution to unreliable software for transfers from system to system by storing and organizing virtual objects in self-contained entities. Due to its popularity and Windows support, Kubernetes is currently the standard for the orchestration of every node inside the application.

Greater Capacity

Demand for cloud storage services will continue growing and become less costly. As a result, new data centers will become created, offering greater storage capacities. 2018 saw storage soar to 1.1 zettabytes, double that of the previous year.

Hybrid Cloud

Gradually growing in dominance, the hybrid cloud business model offers its users flexibility and greater capabilities, combining private and public cloud services. Data and applications can be exchanged between both, resulting in more deployment options. To illustrate, the public cloud can be utilized for projects that involve great volumes but a lower level of security such as email marketing, while a private on-site cloud would be used for sensitive data.

Internet of Everything (IoE)

Utilizing data, machine-to-machine communications, and processes, IoE comprehends ways people interact with elements in their environment, increasing the understanding of how consumers interact with services or products. Japan’s hospitality robots are a prime example of this new relationship, using their link to the cloud to enable real-time communication with guests of different cultures.

Serverless Computing

Increasing in traction, serverless computing is a process where Cloud consumers order a container Platform as a Service (PaaS), and the service bills them for only the usage of the PaaS. In this business model, the consumer is not required to buy or rent and configure servers in advance. The provider provides the platform, configuration, and solutions for app design and interacting with data.

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