STARLIMS Life Sciences Solution CL 11.0 Launch

STARLIMS Life Sciences Solution CL 11.0 Launch

In Q4 2018, Abbott Informatics launched STARLIMS Solution CL 11.0, which services the life sciences industry through the firm’s world-renowned laboratory information management system (LIMS) platform. The release serves the life sciences fields of Academic Research, Biorepository, Clinical Research, and Molecular, and Pre-Clinical Research.

STARLIMS Solution CL 11.0 is designed for the new STARLIMS Technology Platform 11.6. CL 11.0 features user-friendly improvements that streamline sample management, simplify accessioning, ease interface with third party instruments, and make the conversions to HTML5.

Software upgrades increase efficiency, lab flexibility, and productivity, decreasing the issues from working with various software platforms. Labs spend a significant portion of their budget on analytical equipment. However, integrating proprietary instrument software with other LIMS systems can lead to issues. Thus, Abbott Informatics and Data Innovation have partnered to ensure STARLIMS Solution CL 11.0 can be connected to a greater variety of third party instrumentation. This gives the LIMS the capability of two-way communication and the ability to transfer results directly.

Featuring the DI Integration Utility, laboratories utilizing STARLIMS Solution CL 11.0 will be more able to select analytical instrumentation based on scientific and business needs, as opposed to what would be compatible with their LIMS.

2D barcode accessioning makes both sample order data entry and test requisitioning faster. This results in greater sample testing throughput, along with significantly decreasing manual data entry and associated errors. Also included is an intuitive dashboard, easing user configuration of the scope and content of data listed by the 2D barcode tagged to the test requisition form (TRF). Sample accessioning can be accomplished quickly and efficiently through scanning the barcode on the TRF.

STARLIMS Solution CL 11.0 features every upgrade that was released in the previous software suite version. Along with improved security and mobile functionality, Enhanced Advanced Analytics for improving QC management and lab productivity and eManifest for management of clinical, trials and biorepository samples are included.

Alpha Engineering LIMS Implementation

Alpha Engineering Associates, Inc. has been involved with the implementation of over 50 LIMS systems ranging in size from small, “off-the-shelf” software systems to very large, highly customized, multi-functional systems, including STARLIMS, for both governmental agencies and private enterprises. For affordable client-focused network consulting services and solutions, please contact Alpha Engineering Associates today at (410) 295-9500.