Advantages of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery – Part 2

Advantages of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, companies are increasingly performing their computing and data storage in the cloud. Unsurprisingly, cloud-based disaster recovery is also rapidly gaining traction. Part 2 will discuss its key advantages.

Conserve Resources

Companies that are planning to utilize disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud will not have to pay for the cost of creating and maintaining a duplicate data center in-house or through a third party that will be mostly waiting for a disaster to occur. Using a cloud-based DR solution will help save on CAPEX because an initial large capital investment will not be necessary.
The ability to recover from a disaster inside the cloud will also allow a business to avoid spending time, effort, and money related to recovery efforts having to be accomplished in its physical facility.

Speedier Response

Cloud-based DR will allow companies to respond more quickly to a disaster. In some instances, they can act in minutes. Organizations can carry out the process of recovery inside the cloud. This is accomplished by using cloud orchestration and automation tools. In addition, the focus can be put on data that will allow the organization to return to operations as soon as possible.

Greater Flexibility

Businesses that implement cloud-based DR solutions will have the flexibility to scale the services they require to meet their business requirements and stay within a budget. In addition, they can more easily modify their disaster recovery plans to reflect the changes in the size and scope of their operations.
Disaster recovery planning is an ongoing process. Scheduling quarterly tests of your DR plan will ensure that it will work when most needed. Today’s top cloud-based disaster recovery solutions make testing easier by providing the ability to create pre-test checklists from templates and perform various disaster simulations.
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