How Virtualization Can Benefit Your Business Five Ways – Part 1

How Virtualization Can Benefit Your Business Five Ways – Part 1

Although virtualization is an established technology, many companies have yet to explore this technology and garner its benefits. Making the transition to virtualization will allow server workloads to not be attached to particular hardware. In addition, several virtual workloads can simultaneously function on a single machine. There will also be increased server utilization rates and decreased costs.

The following will discuss in more detail how virtualization can benefit your business in five ways.

1) Accelerated Provisioning and Deployment

Server virtualization allows accelerated system provisioning and deployment in minutes. Cloning an existing virtual machine will not take several hours as it would for the installation of a new physical server.

An organization working without virtual environments must undergo the time-consuming and expensive process of purchasing, awaiting shipment, and then installing the operating system and applications. Space will also be required for machines, racks, cables, and cooling equipment. 

Rapidly growing businesses will be required to virtualize their data centers in order to cope with the constantly expanding demands for data resources that will be necessary in order to remain competitive.

2) Decreased Hardware Costs

The majority of servers are significantly under utilized. Approximately only 5% to 15% of server capacity is used. In contrast, virtualized server implementation will greatly increase hardware utilization due to a single physical server being able to contain several virtual machines.

An application will not require its own server because a virtual machine on the physical server will run it instead. Research found that IT departments reduced hardware and software costs about 40% by utilizing server virtualization.

Part 2 will discuss Disaster Recovery Improvements, Productivity Multiplied, and Savings from Energy Efficiency.

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