Basics & Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center – Part 3

Basics & Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center – Part 3

Part 3 will begin by summarizing the benefits from transitioning to a SDDC.

Enterprise Agility

Through the consolidation of duplicate functions, a SDDC can raise business productivity by freeing up and reallocating IT resources to address other problems. This increased enterprise agility will also aid businesses by increasing their ROI from their investments in IT capabilities.

Decreased Costs

Operating a SDDC is typically less costly than running a physical data center. A traditional data center is more expensive because it requires employees, security, hardware, and lease payments for the facility.

Companies that store their data on premises must employ IT staff, purchase equipment, and allocate funds for maintenance and upgrades. There is also the possibility of having to cope with what may be massive expenses resulting from a data breach or data loss from equipment failure.

A SDDC operates like a SaaS platform in terms of charging a monthly recurring fee. Typically, the rates are reasonable, allowing many businesses to afford a SDDC implementation.

Greater Scalability

As intended by their design, a SDDC is capable of seamlessly expanding as a business grows. The increase of storage space and the implementation of more functions can be as simple as discussing the change with the service provider and agreeing on a price.

The above is in stark contrast to a company with a traditional in-house data center that will have to find more space for installing more servers, buy additional hardware and software, and employing more IT staff for the transition, implementation, and future maintenance.

What is the future of SDDCs?

IT experts have concluded that it is inevitable organizations will transition to SDDCs from traditional data centers in the near future as ITaaS use gains traction. In addition, SDDCs provide innovative methods for data storage that are suitable for businesses planning to utilize DevOps for the advancement of their digital transformation.

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