Basics & Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center – Part 2

Basics & Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, one product that has emerged from the trend of migrating to the cloud is the software defined data center (SDDC). Parts 2 and 3 will discuss FAQs to help an organization determine whether or not transitioning to an SDDC will be beneficial.

How does a SDDC function?

Taking a programmatic approach to traditional data center functions, SDDCs utilize virtualized environments. Their main functions are the following:

• Computing
• Storage
• Server Availability
• Networking
• Security

Using automation for ensuring business critical functions remain operational 24/7, a SDCC decreases the requirement for IT hardware and manpower. They provide their main functions through a software platform that is accessible from any location.

Critical operational software can be implemented for customizing the platform. Experts recommend that companies planning SDDC implementation prepare their software infrastructure prior to moving forward.

Virtualized I/O is a term for describing the input/output functions within a virtual environment. It is an important cornerstone of the way a SDDC functions. Within a traditional network, a server has specific hardware requirements that give it the capability to connect to other servers for sharing data and additional functions. However, inside a SDDC, every virtual machine requires imprinting with a portion of bandwidth and I/O that belongs to its host server. The advent of converged I/O brought about network technology capable of supporting SDDC and ITaaS (IT as a Service) initiatives.

Part 3 will summarize the potential benefits from transitioning to a SDDC.

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