Best Practices for Building a Data Center – Part 2

Best Practices for Building a Data Center – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, the data center has become an increasingly important component of modern companies. The chief goal of data center design is meeting an organization’s business and technical requirements. Part 2 will discuss Performance Emphasis and Space Usage.

Performance Emphasis

To improve a data center’s network performance, the best practices for the utilization of cabinets, racks, and cable management must be applied. Below summarizes a number of tips for increasing a data center’s performance:

• Choose cabling solutions that can support both copper and fiber.

• For maximizing channel efficiency and performance, use cabling solutions that feature co-engineered cable and connectivity.

• Flexible and scalable cabinets should be installed with racks featuring cabling support & protection, adjustable rails, and airflow management.

• Build a relationship with a manufacturer expert in current trends and emerging technology.

Space Usage

Infrastructure design should feature the support of flexibility and scalability. As space is an important data center resource, its use must be optimized.

As IoT (Internet of Things) and other new technologies become implemented, managing space will become harder because of unpredictability. Space conservation will become increasingly important as free space becomes more limited. As cramming equipment into a limited space doesn’t lead to efficiency, alternatives such as those summarized below should be implemented.

• Spacious cabinets and racks that can support heavy objects should be installed.

• Cable management supporting existing cable density, future growth, increased airflow, and usage of both copper and fiber should be implemented.

• Connectivity sustaining high density and mixed media should be implemented.

• Cables featuring smaller exterior diameters should be selected.

• Conserve valuable space by patching outside racks and cabinets.

• Choose space solutions supporting overhead pathways and conduits.

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