Emerging Cyber Threats for Summer 2020 – Part 1

Emerging Cyber Threats for Summer 2020 – Part 1

An ever-present danger, new cyber threats are emerging while you read this sentence. Research found an estimated 230,000 new variants of malware are being created daily. Hackers also continue to deploy old standbys like phishing by making attacks more sophisticated in order to breach company networks and steal sensitive data.

Preparation is Key to Cybersecurity

Studies estimate that at least 130 major data breaches occur annually. There are also a large number of unpublicized incidents that harm smaller companies. A study found 60% of small businesses folded within six months after a devastating cyber attack.

It’s crucial your organization prioritizes cybersecurity by working with a managed IT security team and starting a training program for employees. The following will discuss the cyber threats that you should be aware of during summer 2020.

Phishing Targeting Office 365

Companies equipped with Office 365 should warn their employees that there has been a growing number of phishing attacks intended to steal their login credentials.

Cybercriminals have been sending phony SharePoint file-sharing emails that have a malicious link redirecting users to a faked login page. Organization administrators are being fooled by emails threatening to delete their accounts if they don’t take action.

Phishing is a perennial security threat. Almost two-thirds of American companies were successfully attacked in 2019. What makes phishing difficult to stop is that it is constantly evolving, and new variations of the scam are increasing in sophistication.

Hacking of IoT Devices

Rapidly growing in number, internet-connected smart devices are being targeted by cybercriminals because many users are not changing the default username and password of their IoT devices. Many are being hacked only hours after being set up via the wireless network they are using. This can lead to the creation of massive IoT botnets that carry out devastating DDoS attacks.

Part 2 will cover Vulnerable Cloud Platforms, Ransomware as a Service, and Fileless Attacks.

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