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November 29, 2020
2021 Trends for Data Backup & Disaster Recovery – Part 2
December 7, 2020

Every business should have a data backup and disaster recovery plan. In the event of a cyberattack or natural disaster, your organization will be able to resume operations as quickly as possible, decreasing downtime and minimizing economic losses.
Existing cloud technology lets companies utilize the newest ways for backing up and recovering data. However, even solid technology cannot control every possible circumstance of unexpected events. In order to minimize or mitigate what can go wrong, a sound data backup and disaster recovery plan must be created and tested by your team.

Importance of Plan

In order to be competitive, modern businesses depend on technology and data. If a disaster or cyberattack leads to the loss of important data, the effects on a company can be quite serious. At minimum it will result in costly downtime and could even eventually close the company permanently. The following discusses why a data backup and disaster recovery plan is essential for every organization.
Data Protection for Many Threats – Data is vulnerable to cybercrime, human error, natural or manmade disasters, physical damage, and technical malfunctions.

Data Security Planning Failure – The best data protection technology can fail, making data backup essential for every company.

Losing Data Means Loss of Productivity – Operations depend on data and will often stop functioning without it. This results in loss of productivity and economic losses.

Reacquiring Lost Data Expensive – It is quite expensive to reacquire lost data resulting from a disaster or cyberattack. A solid data backup and disaster recovery plan will mitigate and minimize the damage.

Permanent Data Loss Costly – Losing important or sensitive data will damage the reputation of a company. If the perception is the company did not properly secure its data, other organizations may avoid doing business with them, leading to losses in revenue and perhaps closure.

Part 2 will discuss the 2021 Trends in Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.
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