Boost Productivity by Streamlining Network Infrastructure – Part 2

Boost Productivity by Streamlining Network Infrastructure – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, there are several ways of increasing reliability and bandwidth by streamlining your network infrastructure. Work with an IT managed services provider (MSP) to boost your organization’s productivity. Part 2 will discuss VPN Accessibility, Upgrade to VoIP, and MSP for Operational Efficiency.

VPN Accessibility

A greater number of workers are performing their tasks remotely while mobile in the United States.  This is beneficial because it gives employees greater flexibility. However, it may have a negative effect on productivity because they will have a greater reliance on connecting via smartphone and WiFi. As a result, there will be questions regarding performance and security.
VPNs (virtual private networks) offer ready answers. Through the extension of a private connection functioning on a public network, a VPN will secure the traffic of an end user at any location, providing employees safe access to their company’s applications and data.

Upgrade to VoIP

Depending on the traditional PBX (private branch exchange) does not necessarily represent a network reliability problem. However, it will greatly limit what your staff can accomplish in terms of connectivity. Extending a PBX outside the main worksite is a challenge because additional lines are burdensome and costly. Moreover, integration with other services is more difficult.
An alternative that offers greater flexibility is a hosted VoIP, which can be used from both PCs and mobile endpoints, along with desk phones. It can also be teamed with apps like CRM (customer relationship management) solutions. This ensures that phone calls are not missed because they are forwarded to specified devices.

MSP for Operational Efficiency

The management of network infrastructure requires time, money, and effort. It also takes expertise acquired from continuing professional education and experience. Working with a managed services provider will allow your in-house team to focus on projects that are mission-critical. This will result in operational efficiency that will promote profitability.
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