Boost Productivity by Streamlining Network Infrastructure – Part 1

Boost Productivity by Streamlining Network Infrastructure – Part 1

You get frustrated every time the internet connection of your company slows to a crawl or cuts out. The tough part is you and your team can’t do your job, and that hurts productivity and the bottom line. Think about the economic losses over the long-term when everyone is affected by internet problems every day.

Fortunately, there are several ways to increase reliability and bandwidth by streamlining your network infrastructure. Work with an IT managed services provider (MSP) to boost your organization’s productivity.

SD-WAN for Smarter Network

SD-WANs (software-defined wide area networks) can improve your network’s performance, scalability, and security. In contrast to multiprotocol label switching WANs, SD-WANs are capable of integrating various types of transport, including typical broadband. When a single link experiences congestion or goes out, SD-WANs remain reliable because of failsafe protections.
An SD-WAN’s engine is an appliance that unites connections into one logical network, prioritizing the most important applications. As a result, it renders the costly and inefficient method of perpetually increasing bandwidth to improve reliability unnecessary. SD-WAN can be provided by carriers, MSPs, and networking vendors.

ISR Router Upgrade

IWAN (intelligent WAN) raises WAN (wide area network) performance by incorporating advanced services that assist personnel in branch and remote sites. The ISR (Integrated Service Router) made by Cisco is the core of IWAN.
Although there is a perception IWAN is a technically challenging solution to implement, there is great potential in integrating IWAN with SD-WAN. Combining aspects of IWAN and SD-WAN, Cisco’s Viptela applications can be implemented into IOS on ISRs to achieve complete management integration of an end-of-end network. This is desirable for organizations that want to maximize their infrastructure and benefit from SD-WAN’s advantages.
The WAN technology solutions of Viptela also improve cloud access with simple and scalable SD-WAN technologies that can be extend with ease into the public cloud.
Part 2 will discuss VPN Accessibility, Upgrade to VoIP, and MSP for Operational Efficiency.
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