Easy Methods for Improving Cyber Security

Easy Methods for Improving Cyber Security

Costly data breaches are currently affecting companies of all sizes. Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) are challenged by the task of defending against cyber attacks that are increasing in sophistication while complying with government data regulations. Fortunately, SMEs with limited budgets can easily implement simple and affordable methods for improving their cyber security.

Change, Strengthen & Manage Passwords

Experts recommend changing employee login information regularly to help prevent data breaches. The same login credentials should not be used for various accounts. Obtain a password management solution that can generate secure and unique passwords that are difficult to crack and store them securely. This removes the burden from staff for creating strong passwords and keeping track of them.

Delete Inactive Accounts

A hacker can easily gain access to a company’s network by using the login credentials of former employees. A company may have multiple inactive accounts that are vulnerable to cyber attacks because there is no existing off-boarding policy or it is not being implemented. Delete all inactive accounts in order to eliminate this vulnerability.

Train Employees About Phishing

Cybercriminals have found that phishing and spear phishing attacks delivered via e-mails are the most effective ways for breaching a company’s network. Phishing attacks are typically for general distribution, while spear-phishing attacks are personalized to focus on a particular individual who has been targeted in order to appear more authentic. Training your employees regarding phishing will help them to avoid falling for this kind of cyber attack.

Two-Factor Authentication

Enable two-factor authentication for additional security for their logins. Typically registering a mobile number and installing an app on a smart phone will be required to implement this extra layer of security that makes it much more difficult for hackers to breach accounts.

Update Software

As software updates seem inconvenient, many users postpone their installation and are sometimes completely forgotten. An update may be extremely urgent because it is needed to patch a vulnerability that compromises cyber security. Make it a company IT policy that employees should install software updates promptly.
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