Building a Solid IT Infrastructure for Your Business – Part 2

Building a Solid IT Infrastructure for Your Business – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, a company’s IT infrastructure is made up of components that play a role in the functions of its business. Building a solid IT infrastructure for your business is required in order to properly serve users, boost productivity, increase efficiency, and promote growth. Part 2 will discuss three more tips for building solid IT infrastructure.

Make Processes Accessible

Those who manage a company’s IT infrastructure should ensure its processes remain accessible by avoiding complex engineering or implementing quick fixes for problems. Both require accumulating and retaining technical knowledge that may overwhelm both existing and newer employees. Management must set forth accessible administrative and structural IT guidelines to give staff the ability to quickly grasp processes.

Scalability for Growth

Creating a plan for developing IT infrastructure should also consider the projected growth of a company. To illustrate, a simple file sharing service than currently functions well for 10 users will probably have trouble coping if the staff grows to 100 employees in three years. In order to have an IT infrastructure capable of scaling, solutions that are implemented must be capable of handling a company’s business and technical needs as foreseen by its current business plans. Scalability also provides flexibility as business conditions change, allowing a company to expand or retrench as needed.

Simplicity for Success

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), keeping IT infrastructure as simple as possible will promote success. This is in contrast to complex customization in order to meet the specific needs of users or customers. A more practical approach is purchasing standard software and hardware. In addition to firmly controlling costs, standardization decreases the requirement for organizing complicated employee training classes, troubleshooting, and updates.
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