Enterprise Backup & Recovery Requirements for Your Business – Part 1

Enterprise Backup & Recovery Requirements for Your Business – Part 1

Your company’s data is usually its most prized asset. Unfortunately, backup solutions are commonly distributed over numerous locations within outdated infrastructure. As a result, there is mass data fragmentation that slows down recovery efforts.

It is no surprise that half of all businesses will reinforce or replace their existing backup applications by 2021, according to Gartner. The following will discuss the five main enterprise backup and recovery requirements for your business.

Hyperconverged Architecture

Legacy backup solutions are often complicated while requiring costly upgrades. Multiple point backup software with a variety of UIs (User Interfaces) and uncoordinated operations make it difficult to acquire a complete overview of backup infrastructure, which can be on-site or in the cloud.

This is where hyperconverged architecture can simplify operations. Consolidating and updating the functionalities of numerous point products, a hyperconverged backup and recovery platform is capable of easily managing many capabilities from one UI. Companies should seek a system that’s user-friendly, providing scalable architecture with extensive workloads that include physical, virtual, SaaS, and cloud applications, storage, and both modern and traditional databases.

Instant Recovery

Instant recovery of backup data is essential for ensuring business continuity. Inevitable because of the complexity of IT infrastructure, organizations should be prepared for downtime. As business is 24/7/365, long periods of downtime will harm a company’s reputation and balance sheet.

Legacy solutions and even newer releases are incapable of rapidly recovering more than a few VMs (Virtual Machines) simultaneously. The reason stems from backup software needing to reassemble deduped data, a complex task called rehydration, for several backup copies prior to providing the data required for recovery.

In addition, mass data fragmentation that is due to legacy systems located in several locations will delay the recovery process further. Today’s backup solutions are capable of recovering several hundred VMs or other sets of data within minutes, rather than hours, providing instant mass recovery.

Part 2 will cover Cloud Native Solution, Ransomware Defense, and Regulatory Compliance.

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