Fall 2019 Enterprise Cloud Computing Trends

Fall 2019 Enterprise Cloud Computing Trends

Providing greater fault tolerance, reliability, and scale, cloud computing has been increasingly gaining traction among organizations over the past 20 years. The following will discuss four cloud computing trends that are growing in prominence as of fall 2019. Consult with an expert and experienced managed services provider (MSP) to implement cloud computing for your business.

Edge Computing

Due to the growing demand of real-time data availability to provide service to customers, businesses are increasingly turning to edge computing. Capable of almost real-time collection and processing of an enormous volume of data, edge computing also allows organizations to decrease connectivity costs because the solution can select only the most crucial data that is required for transmission. In conjunction with cloud computing, this feature enables more rapid response, greater security, reliable functioning, and easy integration with legacy equipment.

Hybrid Cloud

Providing a flexible alternative to cloud services, the hybrid model has gradually gained traction, and almost 60 percent of North American companies now utilize co-location cloud platforms. AWS, Azure, and Google are all now offering services for a multi-cloud environment involving a mix of on-premises with public and private cloud architectures.
However, IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat in 2018 may make it the top hybrid cloud provider worldwide.

Open Cloud

Although numerous organizations still utilize one public cloud provider in combination with their on-premise platform, experts anticipate that they will eventually transition to a multi-cloud strategy. Thus, the open cloud approach will gain more prominence by giving companies the freedom to select a combination of providers and services that will meet their business and technical requirements, allowing them to build IT infrastructures that utilize several environments.

Security Prioritized

Often low as a priority, security issues will continue to persist and even grow as organizations increasingly implement cloud computing. In order to maintain the safety of sensitive data and remain compliant with regulations, developers must integrate security features during the design, development, and deployment of their applications.
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