Upgrade Your Small Business’ Tech to Stay Competitive – Part 2

Upgrade Your Small Business’ Tech to Stay Competitive – Part 2

A discussed in Part 1, a business that remains in the past is at great risk of becoming uncompetitive in the future. Part 2 will discuss E-mail Hosting, Integration Capability, Stronger Security, SaaS, and Video Communications.

Hosted E-mail

Making the transition from interoffice e-mailing through in-house servers to hosted e-mail systems allow organizations to scale easily with increased performance, security, stability, and dependability. Deploying a hosted e-mail system will save the significant resources expended for running, updating, and maintaining traditional local systems.

Integration Capable

Make sure to choose upgrades of software systems that are capable of connecting and integrating with the existing applications that your company utilizes. Aside from modernizing by replacing legacy software, the upgrade will benefit your system overall.

Stronger Security

Inadequate security measures and policies have led to damaging data breaches that are increasing in number annually. In the past, security was not prioritized and was treated as an optional feature. Make sure to select software that has security features built in as integral components.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

An alternative to standard software products, SaaS solutions often provide businesses a superior solution offered via a subscription plan. Advantages include a lower upfront expense and regular updates that improve the product and maintain security. Moreover, a SaaS offering typically runs in the cloud, permitting both integration with other SaaS solutions and ease of scalability.

Video Communications

Streaming video communications is gaining widespread use among companies of all sizes, and it is used for employees, clients, partners, and consumers. User-friendly platforms capable of handling the entire video management and delivery workflow are now available and becoming more affordable as time passes.
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