How Your Business Can Benefit from a VPN

How Your Business Can Benefit from a VPN

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly adopting the use of a VPN (virtual private network) primarily because of the need for greater security when their off-site personnel require access to company data and applications. There are several ways a business can benefit from using a VPN service.

Additional Security

Unfortunately, cybercrimes are now quite commonplace. Research has found that approximately 40% of cyberattacks are carried out against small businesses. All companies should implement standard protective measures, which include firewall protection, encryption, and security policies.
A VPN connection will give a business another level of protection. The utilization of a private network will ensure the encryption of your organization’s data, which is encoded so packets can only be read by your VPN client and server.

Unsecured Public Networks

Whenever employees are working remotely, they typically only have the option of using a public internet connection. Due to the ease of connecting to a public network, potential security issues may be overlooked.
A public network can be quite vulnerable to hackers. Critical and sensitive information may be compromised. A VPN provides a solution because it will create a dedicated and encrypted Internet connection.

Remote Access

Employees may occasionally go on business trips and find themselves in foreign countries, where access to the internet is strictly limited by content blocking and other restrictions. This may be quite inconvenient if your employees have to access and monitor certain websites and apps.
Fortunately, a VPN connection will allow off-site employees to log on to a particular server for an internet connection. In this case, the country and server selected, rather than the actual location, will determine the IP address. This would allow a user in a foreign country to check on Facebook messages even if the social media platform is banned there.


Implementing a VPN connection is typically affordable and simple. Consult with an experienced managed services provider regarding cybersecurity to help ensure the protection of your company’s data, which may be its most valuable asset.  
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