Three Considerations for Using a Data Center vs. the Cloud

Three Considerations for Using a Data Center vs. the Cloud

For the storage and access of business data, the cloud provides an economical option for organizations. Using cloud services is simply the remote alternative to an in-house data center.

A cloud provider will be responsible for maintaining and updating the servers, typically managing several data centers at various locations in order to protect your data whenever power outages, technical issues, and man-made or natural disasters occur.
If your management team is considering whether to set up an in-house data center or using the cloud, the following are three key considerations that should be discussed.

1) Customization vs. Scalability

An organization requiring a dedicated system and total control will need a data center on its premises. This arrangement is ideal for companies that must run numerous applications and complex workloads. However, scalability will be more of a challenge.
Once a company needs to expand because of growing data demands, new hardware must be purchased, installed, maintained, repaired, and replaced. In contrast, cloud data services provide flexible scalability as determined by business conditions.

2) Security

A company using cloud data services must rely on the reliability and trustworthiness of the provider. The cloud vendor will be responsible for obtaining certifications for IT security for all its facilities.
Data stored by a cloud service provider can be accessed via the Internet by any individual who follows the correct login procedures. In comparison, an in-house data center is accessed via a local network, which makes it easier to monitor logins.

3) Capital Expenditure

Building a new data center will require time, money, and effort, and a company will then foot the bills for ongoing maintenance and in-house employees providing support. Thus, capital expenditure (CapEx) and administrative costs may run millions of dollars annually.
Cloud data services will not require the above costs. In addition, scaling will not require CapEx, allowing a company to grow or retrench much more readily. Cloud vendors also offer flexible subscription and pay-as-you-go arrangements, easing the control of costs.
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