Important Data Backup Trends for 2019 – Part 1

Important Data Backup Trends for 2019 – Part 1

Most owners and executives of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are fully aware of the importance of their company’s data. They are also becoming increasingly proactive about getting strong protection against cyber attacks as well as secure and reliable backups in the event of data loss or disaster recovery.

Backup Statistics

Experts estimate that about 6 in 10 organizations are insufficiently ready for a significant data loss event. Similarly, approximately 60% of companies that undergo a large loss of data eventually go out of business in less than half a year. Thus it is crucial for owners and executives to ensure that there is a robust and secure data backup system for their companies.

2019 will see data backup trends continuing from 2018, a year that witnessed cutting edge technology leading the charge for improvements in data storage. The following discusses the latest data backup trends that have gained traction in 2018, along with how they will impact SMEs.

Cloud Storage

Technological leaps in cloud storage have resulted in numerous businesses implementing a secure off-premises location for their data backup and recovery. Currently there are lots of companies that are deploying a multiple cloud approach for various levels of sensitive data, allowing unique users who are permitted access to perform data retrievals when required.

SSD (Solid State Drive)

An alternative to conventional hard drives, a SSD does not feature a spinning disk, but uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data. Consequently, they are faster, smaller, cooler, and more energy efficient. Although they are more costly than conventional hard drives, they provide advantages that may be worth the expense in terms of superior processing speed and durability.

Part 2 will discuss GDPR, Increased Storage Investment, and Software Defined Storage.

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