Improve Your Company’s Network Performance Today – Part 1

Improve Your Company’s Network Performance Today – Part 1

A slow network will cost your business in time, money, and productivity. The symptoms may be hard to notice because they take time to accumulate. If employee productivity is slowed because files need more time to send, if cloud applications load slowly, and customer calls get disconnected, you are losing money because of poor network performance.

More companies are opting for a fiber Internet installation for speedier and dependable connections. However, investing in an expensive network infrastructure upgrade may not be the solution. There are other actions that can be taken to improve network performance as summarized below.


Monitoring a network is crucial for determining the sources of bottlenecks. One cause could be regular system backups, which consume network resources. As a result, the majority of backups should be performed at night when most personnel are not on the premises. RMM (Remote Monitoring and Maintenance) can detect causes of congestion, which enables IT to devise workarounds.

Computing Slowed

Sometimes network tasks take more time because of slow computers. An infrastructure upgrade will not improve network performance substantially if your computers are substandard. You can ask a technology-support provider to evaluate their performance. If they are running on operating systems that are no longer supported, upgrading may be necessary. Various network components may also be found to be outdated and faulty, and should be updated and replaced.

Guest Network

Sometimes a network can slow down due to the large number of visitors logging onto a company’s WiFi simultaneously. You may frequently host meetings involving many guests. Creating a guest network will allow visitors to access the Internet, while allowing employees to continue working without disruption.

Part 2 will discuss Employee Education, Malware, Updates, and VLANs.

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