The Basics of Upgrading IT Infrastructure – Part 1

The Basics of Upgrading IT Infrastructure – Part 1

If you own an SME (small or medium enterprise), managing an entire IT infrastructure is a challenge. In addition to network equipment, every computer, personal mobile device, and server will need updates, maintenance, and repair when needed.

Almost a quarter of SMEs think aging hardware is one of their major issues. However, upgrading IT infrastructure will demand time, hard work, and money, and each is often a scarce resource for a smaller business.
This article will discuss the basics of upgrading IT infrastructure. Consult with an experienced managed services provider for the best results.

Evaluate Your IT Infrastructure

Advances in IT are constant. Attempting to create a fixed upgrade schedule for every item of software and hardware may not be practical. The key is recognizing when new technology will bring significant benefits to your company.
Perhaps the chief concern for upgrading the infrastructure of a small business that is rapidly expanding is spending valuable time and money on upgrades that are not essential and losing the focus and momentum on generating revenue.
It would be advisable to consult with an IT expert to perform a proper evaluation of your IT infrastructure. Afterwards, a plan for upgrading should be created after discussing the strengths and weaknesses.

Security and Disaster Recovery

Maintaining your company’s defenses against cyber attacks is too crucial to be neglected during the process of upgrading IT infrastructure. Although software updates are typically automatic, upgrades to antivirus and security solutions should be considered in light of new software. In addition, reviewing and updating the existing disaster recovery plan may be necessary for the same reason.
Part 2 will discuss When It’s Time to Upgrade, Considering Support Agreements, and Smart Upgrade Strategy.
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