The Basics of Upgrading IT Infrastructure – Part 2

The Basics of Upgrading IT Infrastructure – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, managing the entire IT infrastructure of an SME is a challenge, and this will also include handling upgrades. Part 2 will discuss When It’s Time to Upgrade, Considering Support Agreements, and Smart Upgrade Strategy.

When It’s Time to Upgrade

Below are three signs that it is time for a software or hardware upgrade for your company’s IT infrastructure.
Competitiveness – Whenever there’s technology available that will make your company significantly more competitive, a way must be found for its eventual implementation. This is because its integration may result in saving money, increasing efficiency, and raising productivity, which all can promote growth and profitability.
End of Life – Software developers determine the end dates of the life cycles of their products. Thereafter they will not longer be supported, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks and no longer in regulatory compliance. When a solution reaches its end of life, your company will have no choice but to upgrade.
Performance Issues – When software used regularly runs slowly and/or crashes frequently, it is likely time for an upgrade because your hardware is having trouble meeting your business requirements.

Considering Support Agreements

Nowadays, SMEs are able to consider integrating technological solutions that are superior to their current software or hardware that may be outdated. The solutions often offer support contracts requiring payments for a lengthy subscription plan. However, what was purchased may subsequently prove to be useful for only a short period. When considering support agreements, carefully consider how long their terms should be. This will help prevent wasting money on support plans that are too long.

Smart Upgrade Strategy

When creating an upgrade strategy, carefully consider the elements of your IT infrastructure that will require replacement. Make sure to talk to your team members and consult with an IT expert during the process. Discuss the need and timing of implementations. Research the potential replacements, listing their advantages and disadvantages. Work on a budget as well for the planned outlays that makes sense for your company.
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