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January 10, 2021
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January 17, 2021
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Modern methods are required for protecting both computing and data in the cloud to effectively address cyberthreats. A security platform specifically designed for the cloud is needed. It should be capable of using automation for analysis, around-the-clock monitoring, prevention, and remediation to ensure cloud security and compliance.

More organizations are depending on the public cloud to carry out daily business tasks. Innovative security solutions are needed for coping with increasingly sophisticated attacks. The following will discuss four methods for improving an organization’s cloud compliance and security.

Real Time Discovery

Cloud deployments are seeing massive growth every year, and the resulting volume of data will require solutions capable of carrying out real-time analytics. Security solutions must process millions of data points while being able to swiftly isolate anomalies indicating a breach, malware, or other cyberattack.

Clear View of Cloud Environment

Large teams working in the cloud are prone to miscommunication. This is often caused because each team is utilizing a different solution for monitoring the cloud environment. Data ends up in specific silos, making the information hard to comprehend. A company’s cloud platform should be designed to allow each team to oversee its own security, but also permit it to observe security operations wherever they occur around the world. This provides an early warning system, alerting each team about security issues as soon as possible.

Accurate Automated Response

Companies are now automating analysis and monitoring, along with remediation for repairing configuration and permission errors, for their cloud platforms. This will require flexible solutions that accurately evaluate problems and determine the most appropriate automated response. The best solutions will be capable of advising IT staff whether additional requirements are needed to address problems.

Speedy & Thorough Reporting

IT staff in charge of the cloud platform will be increasingly required to quantify and display compliance and security processes on a real-time or daily basis, which will require solutions far beyond the traditional yearly audit.

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