Why You Should Take Testing to the Cloud – Part 1

Why You Should Take Testing to the Cloud – Part 1

If you need to expand an application or create entirely new software, utilizing the cloud can reduce time and expenses. Typically, costs are incurred only for the resources used, and it’s easy to acquire more resources if necessary. The flexibility of the cloud allows new and smaller companies to perform database implementation, big data processing, or application server hosting, while not having to spend CAPEX.

Organizations of all sizes can benefit in several ways by transitioning their dev/test projects to the cloud. Utilizing the cloud is often a superior choice to performing tests within the infrastructure of your company. The following discusses the key cloud benefits.

24/7 Access

When testing is performed in the cloud, personnel based in several locations can access the resources and data 24/7. Quality Control teams around the world will be able to monitor the product, helping to ensure standards are met.

Consistency & Collaboration

The utilization of cloud solutions can promote consistency and collaboration among QC staff members both on and off premises. A cloud-based environment eliminates the need to install and maintain software on the personal computer of each employee. It also speeds up the process of familiarizing new hires with the tools the team uses. Dev/test applications working with solutions that enable collaboration and communication increase the productivity of local and remote teams.

Convenient & Cost-Effective Test Bed

The creation of a test bed is almost immediate by utilizing the cloud. This is in contrast to constructing infrastructure on premises, which can be expensive and time consuming. Resources can be saved by testing in the cloud, where charges are typically for only those services which were used. After the project, a team can simply terminate the usage of cloud services that were devoted to the project.

Part 2 will discuss DevOps Enabled, Performance Testing, and Simulation Supported.

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