Why You Should Take Testing to the Cloud – Part 2

Why You Should Take Testing to the Cloud – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, organizations of all sizes can benefit in several ways by transitioning their dev/test projects to the cloud. Part 2 will discuss DevOps Enabled, Performance Testing, and Simulation Supported.

DevOps Enabled

Using the cloud for DevOps brings advantages such as being able to easily and rapidly configure several development, production, and test environments that are alike in multiple places. Moreover, they can be securely accessed and monitored remotely by team members. Experiments and A/B testing can be performed from several locations.

Performance Testing

Application performance testing can be performed in the cloud to evaluate its ability to scale. Setting up cloud-based tests can be inexpensive and fast in comparison to performing them on premises, where it may be necessary to purchase hardware and make expensive commitments to services such as hosting. Services that are metered and paid for based on usage can be scaled down or ended as needed. Tests carrying out disaster recovery procedures can be carried out in a thorough manner, covering multiple scenarios efficiently.

Simulation Supported

Using a cloud provider, an organization will have the needed solutions and resources required for simulating or virtualizing numerous users to replicate scaling with a large number of mobile devices, customers, and orders to verify the strength of its back-end IT infrastructure.

There are several cloud-based providers that are capable of enabling companies to test several types of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, along with their various operating systems, screens, and hardware. An organization is also able to test its application’s ability to scale with a large number of users online, using a great variety of devices, verifying that the frontend infrastructure can handle this situation as well.

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