Avoid These Eight Backup and Disaster Recovery Issues – Part 2
February 12, 2018
How IT Support Can Help Your Business – Part 2
February 18, 2018

The use of technology is rapidly growing in business, and a modern organization’s IT system is its very heart. Each department requires computers that are regularly maintained and updated, which makes IT support essential. A strong IT network allows a company to serve its customers rapidly and reliably. However, this increasing reliance on technology brings more risks.

Recent studies have found that almost two-thirds of companies reported security breaches caused by malware or user error. What is shocking is that there was a daily average of at least 4,000 ransomware attacks during the past year worldwide. These cyber threats are forcing organizations to ensure their IT systems are as secure as possible to prevent the disruption of their businesses. The following will discuss typical IT errors enterprises make and possible solutions.

Backing Up and Disaster Recovery Neglected

The increasing use of digital files and electronic records is gradually replacing hard copies. This transition is saving space, increasing speed and efficiency, and eliminating clutter. Unfortunately, many companies are neglecting the backup of their data. An estimated 2,000 hard drives lose data every day in the USA. As data is often an organization’s most precious asset, the total loss of information due to a natural or man-made disaster is always a serious setback in terms of time and money.

Security Threats Ignored

When people discuss cyber attacks, the conversation revolves around malware, hackers, viruses, bots, ransomware, etc. However, data breaches can also be caused knowingly or unknowingly by former or current employees, consultants, and service providers. A common internal flaw is a weak user and password system. Creating and implementing an IT security plan that involves staff members and their continuing education should be a priority.

Break and Fix Strategy

Although technology is rapidly transforming the business world, many enterprises still persist on having a conventional Break and Fix Strategy. Rather than being proactive by regularly replacing dated equipment and software with newer products, this reactive strategy waits for an inevitable breakdown, which is inefficient and leads to costly downtime.

Part 2 will discuss the benefits of having an IT support team.

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