Top Seven Advantages of Cloud Managed Services – Part 1
November 20, 2019
Use Managed IT Services to Expand Your Business
November 27, 2019

As discussed in Part 1, cloud managed services is the outsourcing of the day-to-day management of cloud-based services and required technical support. A Cloud MSP’s services can include the management of applications, computing, network operations, security, storage, and vendor relationships. Part 2 will discuss Future Proofing, Predictable Costs, Rapid Response, and Savings and Solid Infrastructure.

4) Future Proofing

The initial step for future proofing a data center is the migration to a cloud environment. The second is implementing the newest applications and technology available that meet the business and technical demands of your business. An in-house IT team will need both time and money for training to learn and implement new technologies. In contrast, a Cloud MSP already has the expertise, and implementation will be faster.

5) Predictable Costs

Using a Cloud MSP allows companies to better determine the services they need for a period while controlling their monthly costs. To illustrate, a business involved in retail knows that the holiday shopping season will generate the most business, so its management may opt for more IT services and expect more costs during the fourth quarter. This is an example of how to customize IT support and maximize your budget.

6) Rapid Response

A dedicated Cloud MSP can provide its client a more rapid response with an enterprise-level monitoring plan. A cloud managed services provider can usually monitor, access, maintain, service, and repair a network problem through remote means. If a service visit is necessary, a Cloud MSP can typically send an IT support technician the same day.

7) Savings and Solid Infrastructure

The outsourcing of cloud managed services allows organizations to significantly decrease and control the costs of their IT maintenance and support needs. Maintaining an IT department in house with several full-time employees can be very costly. It may not even be needed by SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) with basic network infrastructure.
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