Top Seven Advantages of Cloud Managed Services – Part 1

Top Seven Advantages of Cloud Managed Services – Part 1

Cloud managed services pertain to outsourcing the day-to-day management of cloud-based services and the associated technical support required. A cloud managed services provider (Cloud MSP) is often needed by a business with in-house IT employees that do not have the adequate skills and/or training for monitoring and maintaining a cloud environment. The services of a Cloud MSP can include the management of applications, computing, network operations, security, storage, and vendor relationships.

The following discusses the top seven advantages of working with a Cloud MSP:

1) Backup and Disaster Recovery

An expert and experienced Cloud MSP can help design a data center and network with a resilient backup and disaster recovery (DR) system that ensures business continuity. Cloud managed services can help ensure the safety and security of your business data on every cloud application and service being utilized. If a disaster event occurs, your company’s operations can quickly recover and begin functioning again after a minimum of costly downtime.

2) Centralization

A Cloud MSP is capable of overseeing the management of every server and application within a central data center. This results in greater network availability, which can also improve employee productivity. In addition, a remote network user will be able to access virtual services and centralized data inside the same network. A centralized network can also accommodate both storage and backup features for the protection of data.

3) Customized Services

Cloud managed services offer flexibility and can be customized according to the needs of a client. A Cloud MSP may offer services that range from a pay-per-service offering to a comprehensive monthly subscription plan. An organization can easily scale their cloud managed services up or down based on current business conditions. Some Cloud MSPs provide converged solution plans, offering specialized services for more value.

Part 2 will discuss Future Proofing, Predictable Costs, Rapid Response, Savings, and Solid Infrastructure.

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