When Your Company Requires an Infrastructure Upgrade – Part 1
March 4, 2019
Pay Attention to These Cybersecurity Trends in 2019 – Part 1
March 9, 2019

As discussed in Part 1, having IT infrastructure that appears fully functional without significant issues does not mean that your company is working efficiently or securely. Part 2 will discuss the advantages of infrastructure upgrades for your company.

Decreased Costs

Increased spending on repairs and malware removal will gradually consume a greater percentage of your company’s budget. This happens with outdated equipment and programs because of the need to use multiple security and network solutions. These costs will be reduced by upgrading your company’s hardware and software. New equipment also typically saves energy, reducing utility bills.

Improved Security

Cybercriminals are perpetually become more sophisticated and skilled about exploiting IT vulnerabilities. Outdated equipment and programs inevitably won’t be able to cope with their attacks. As a result, your company’s most precious asset – its data – may be at great risk. When IT products and operating systems are being designed, the thinking of the manufacturers is to be ahead of the curve when it comes to security.
Newer products will help make your company’s IT infrastructure more secure.

Greater Efficiency, Productivity & Reliability

Utilizing several programs to execute basic tasks and outdated slower software may drastically reduce efficiency, productivity, and reliability. Your company may have excellent employees, but their performance will be hindered by older equipment. Upgrading your IT systems will allow them to work faster and with more consistency, which promotes customer service and profitability.


Companies that have their entire systems functioning on equipment and software from the same manufacturers will minimize problems in terms of maintenance. Parts will be easier to source and install. Patches and updates will be faster to implement. Revisions and repairs can be done in less time. Employees will be able to use the work stations of their colleagues because of standardization. All of the above saves both time and money. Your company’s IT personnel will also be able to expend more effort on boosting efficiency and productivity instead.
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