Building a Solid IT Infrastructure for Your Business – Part 1

Building a Solid IT Infrastructure for Your Business – Part 1

A company’s IT infrastructure is made up of components that play a role in the functions of its business. Building a solid IT infrastructure for your business is required in order to properly serve users, boost productivity, increase efficiency, and promote growth.

Determining the solutions required by a company can be a challenge. This will include backup, communications, disaster recovery, file sharing, management programs, and many others. The following will discuss five tips that will help guide you in this process.

1) Begin with the Essentials

Hardware – Reliable and functional hardware will be necessary for your company’s IT infrastructure. Solid infrastructure begins with a high-quality server, which will be typically needed if your company has three or more work stations. According to experts, an ideal ratio is one server for every 10 users.
Software – An organization’s software needs run from the operating system of its network to productivity solutions that its employees rely on daily to carry out business operations. Another consideration is implementing software that will increase efficiency and productivity.
Communication – For most businesses, e-mail is the primary tool for communication. Finding a solution that is the right fit for your company will be crucial for effective communication among employees and with clients, customers, and partners. An organization can implement an in-house e-mail system, but this will require its own server. Small and startup companies typically rely on an e-mail service provider for greater flexibility, less management, and stronger security. As a company’s e-mail system is crucial for every business, it would be wise to confirm a service provider’s quality of service.

2) IT Outsourcing Brings Benefits

Professionals who work for IT infrastructure providers can provide the expertise and support you need, letting your team focus on core business functions. Managed IT services provide the same benefits, while reducing/eliminating in-house costs for technical support. Important needs such as cybersecurity, data protection, and server management can be met while you grow your business.
Part 2 will discuss three more tips for building solid IT infrastructure.
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