Three Disaster Recovery Trends for Fall 2019

Three Disaster Recovery Trends for Fall 2019

Methods for disaster recovery (DR) that safeguard a company’s data and IT system are undergoing rapid change. There are three crucial aspects of this transformation that will significantly affect the development of disaster recovery technology by Fall 2019. Work with an expert and experienced managed services provider (MSP) to implement your organization’s DR plan for affordability, scalability, and reliability.

AI for Anticipating Downtime

Emerging technologies are providing organizations with new abilities in terms of their interaction and protection of sensitive business data. During 2019, companies increasingly began implementing AI (artificial intelligence) solutions that enable the prediction and prevention of unanticipated downtimes caused by physical disasters. Through its intelligent ability to first restore critical data, these AI solutions are also capable of taking the initiative to commence data replication to the cloud prior to the onset of downtime.

Retreat from Public Clouds

Although adopting a cloud-centric strategy provides greater flexibility and scalability, numerous companies will still be confronted with unplanned large expenditures resulting from the transmission of data and its recovery in public clouds. As a result, enterprises will retreat from utilizing the public cloud to implement disaster recovery. They will turn to the alternative of using a hybrid cloud strategy provided by service providers offering more affordable pricing.

Self-Managed DRaaS

Self-managed DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) will undergo significant growth in importance because businesses want to maximize the value of the cloud as an option for disaster recovery, while spending less than they would for a managed DRaaS solution. To meet this demand, providers will include additional self-service features to their solutions that ensure an increasing customer requirement for guaranteed RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective).
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