How Virtual Machines & Virtualization Can Benefit Your Business – Part 2

How Virtual Machines & Virtualization Can Benefit Your Business – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, virtualization and virtual machines (VMs) can benefit your business. Part 2 will discuss the Uses & Benefits of VMs.

Uses & Benefits of VMs

The four most common business use cases for virtual machines are the following:

Consolidation – Virtualization technology allows a company to virtualize several physical servers and host their virtual versions on a single physical machine, while significantly reducing the need for space and energy costs.

Legacy Systems Maintenance – VMs help maintain legacy software systems by running the older operating systems they require, which may no longer be supported or secure.

New Operating System Testing – Using a VM to run a new OS permits IT personnel to determine whether it will meet their company’s business and technical requirements.

Software Testing – Perhaps one of the most typical uses of a virtual machine is the testing of new applications before installation and implementation in the main IT infrastructure of an organization.

Business Benefits of Virtualization

A proven and established technology, the implementation of virtual machines has provided several key business benefits for companies as summarized below.

Enhanced Data Security & Disaster Recovery (DR) – More than 90% of companies that suffered a catastrophic data loss will not survive. VMs can replicate a company’s servers in the cloud, securing business data and streamlining the DR process.

Faster Provisioning & Deployment – A new physical server consumes time and effort for its installation. A virtualized system can be deployed within minutes through server templates that have been preconfigured. Greater portability also promotes ease of deployment.

Increased IT Operational Efficiency – Most small business servers use only 40% to 60% of their hardware resources. A company can choose to spin up a virtual server instead of buying a new one. This helps improve IT operational efficiency by reducing the administration and maintenance required by physical machines.

Reduced Footprint & Energy Conservation – Virtualization decreases the need for space in a facility and reduces the power required for machines.

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