Managed IT Support Services for Your Company’s Success – Part 1

Managed IT Support Services for Your Company’s Success – Part 1

Companies offering managed IT support typically provide a variety of services to businesses. A managed services provider (MSP) has subscription plans offering tiers of services, allowing a company to scale them as needed. By subscribing, you and your employees will be able to focus on generating revenue. The following will discuss the typical categories of services that an MSP provides.

1) Network & Infrastructure

Providing a variety of service choices, an MSP can support an organization’s LANs, WANs, and other areas of its network and infrastructure. As determined by the support level of the IT services, a provider typically offers the following:

• Managed Cloud Infrastructure – Using cloud-based applications portals, the staff members of your organization can remotely attend conference meetings and work together on team projects.

• Managed Storage Backup – This solution allows company personnel to remotely upload documents and project data to the cloud, and the information will be backed up.

• Mobile Networking – This will give your employees connectivity using wireless devices from off-site locations.

• On-Premises Infrastructure Setup – Instead of the company’s IT staff, hardware and software are installed and configured by the MSP at a company’s facility.

• Remotely Managed Print Services – Authorized employees at any location will be able to print out documents by utilizing the company’s network.

2) Security

By retaining a managed services provider, your organization’s IT infrastructure will be safer through the implementation of risk prevention and security management services as summarized below.

Anti-Malware Software – The installation of anti-malware applications in the computers of your company will help ensure that its network will be safe from viruses and data breaches.

Compatible Applications – An MSP can help ensure that software and hardware components are compatible and can be successfully integrated.

Maintenance & Patching – By ensuring that the latest patches and software updates are installed, cybercriminals and malware will have a much harder time taking control of your computers.

Part 2 will discuss Communications, Data Analytics, and SaaS.

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