Ways Hyperconvergence Can Protect Data Centers – Part 1

Ways Hyperconvergence Can Protect Data Centers – Part 1

Consolidating support to business servers and applications, hyperconverged infrastructures (HCIs) have grown in popularity because they are capable of combining the hypervisor, server, and storage components of a data center.

Properly planning the configuration of an HCI will enable your IT staff to more easily manage your data center. Key benefits from adopting hyperconvergence include the reduction of costs, simplification of processes, and increasing operational efficiency.

In addition to saving money, a well-built HCI will help protect precious business data. Your organization should have a disaster recovery (DR) plan and team prepared for incidents that involve the loss of data and business functions. Even a brief period of data center downtime lasting 30 minutes may lead to losses in the millions of dollars for some companies.

Studies have found that 9 out of 10 of modern businesses rely on IT for data backup and DR. In addition to keeping business data secure, IT enables organizations to access its data whenever needed. However, the use of a data center may also result in a business being more vulnerable to cyberattacks because sensitive information is centralized.

Companies are increasingly implementing hyper-converged infrastructures due to their ability to coordinate servers and storage devices into user-friendly and complete management solutions. The following will discuss ways hyperconvergence can protect data centers.

Disaster Recovery Simplification

Capable of rapid deployment, hyperconvergence allows IT staff to immediately respond to an incident affecting their data center. Hyperconverged infrastructure can help set priorities for several workloads and quickly restore crucial systems to ensure business continuity.

Perhaps the largest contributing factor in the growth of HCIs is their ability to integrate tools for both management and data protection. These include data duplication, cloning solutions, and multi-site replication. Along with several other technologies, these features allow IT teams to implement a dependable disaster recovery plan that won’t increase their workloads.

Part 2 will discuss Costs of DR Decreased, Improved Data Backup, Software-Defined Benefits, and Scale Out Advantages.

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