Ways Hyperconvergence Can Protect Data Centers – Part 2

Ways Hyperconvergence Can Protect Data Centers – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, hyperconverged infrastructures (HCIs) have grown in popularity because they are capable of consolidating support to business servers and applications. Part 2 will discuss Decreased Costs of Disaster Recovery (DR), Improved Data Backup, Software-Defined Benefits, and Scale Out Advantages.

Decreased Costs of Disaster Recovery

Rather than maintaining a complete site for disaster recovery management, a secondary site with hyper-converged infrastructures (HCIs) can be set up for the backup of data. Utilized as a server model, an HCI can also be configured to directly upload a company’s data to the cloud.

Improved Data Backup

When well-configured, an HCI is superior to a traditional infrastructure by offering a robust data recovery system with greater reliability. HCI solutions typically feature comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities that provide brief Recovery Time Objective (RTO) windows. As an HCI helps promotes business continuity by ensuring data remains available, its implementation will eliminate needing third-party protection.

Software-Defined Benefits

Software-defined in character, a hyperconverged infrastructure provides a centralized control interface. Perhaps its most important feature is the ability to route traffic in a manner that maximizes available resources while making necessary adjustments during the process. As it is software defined, an HCI also enables transitions from one virtual machine (VM) to another with ease.

Scale Out Advantages

Focusing on horizontal expansion for its growth architecture, a scale out expands by adding new resources, rather than increasing the capacity of existing resources. Along the same lines, one important benefit of utilizing a hyperconverged infrastructure is the ability to combine a number of servers, storage devices, and virtualization assets into a single large architecture. Using scale-out nodes, an HCI can also empower network administrators in the sharing, distribution, and protection of data among various sites.

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